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That was my intention and I kept to it. Easy to do, really, because I quickly lost all of the initial deposit. It seems real poker is different from practice poker, what a surprise. So I gave up and stayed away for a few months. I started reading books about poker and found myself searching the internet with “how to play the big blind in Hold 'Em” and reading whatever showed up in the search. I found YouTube videos by James Sweeney valuable – he’s got something called "The Poker Bank" that carefully explains various basic and complex situations. After a few weeks of study I realized how many mistakes I’d been making and how to correct what the pros call “leaks” of which I had many. I liked Gus Hansen’s book Every Hand Revealed, almost a textbook on the subject. An expert I talked to tells me that the game of limit Hold' Em has been solved – in other words, there’s a specific way to play that eventually leads to winning, mathematically correct. This is not true of no limit Hold 'Em, it hasn’t been solved, that’s because the game has too many variables, not the least of which is what type of players are sitting at the table and how they’ll approach the game depending on different sets of circumstances. The more I found out about the game, the more impressed I’ve become with those who win and make careers out of it.

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It’s obvious that this strategy won’t work 100% of the time, but it will definitely increase your chances of winnings, which is always good. You have to be aware of the dealer’s cards, which will always change the way you play. There is a specific table where you can see what your next move should be depending on the cards the dealer has. When you have a hard hand, you don’t have any aces on your hand or the ones you have are only counted as one point. A soft hand is when you have one ace, and it can count has 1 or 11 points. This is the best strategy you can use while playing blackjack, because you will really have more chances of winning, which is great. You have everything explained and everything properly detailed so that you don’t have any doubts of how to proceed while playing. You can play with confidence, while enjoying the game. Blackjack is an appropriate game for casino beginners, because you don’t have to know many rules and you can play without any difficulty. Using this table can give you great results and a good payout, which is why you should definitely use it.

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